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Free reminder and tracking system for Lean and Six Sigma consultants and practitioners!

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This is a free website for Lean, Six Sigma and other process improvement practitioners and consultants, to make your job easier.

  • Project Tracking - Project management software can be expensive and so we manage projects manually and inefficiently, and many don't offer a way to track and automatically remind people of action items due.
  • Class Management - Teaching classes is not our full-time job, so we can forget key tasks we need to complete to get ready for them. Setup task reminders based on days before or after the class date, and get email reminders.

Read below for more details on each feature, or Sign Up for a free account, and try it out! One account allows you access to both features.

Project Tracking

Tired of tracking people down to get your DMAICR project completed? Can't afford the thousands of dollars and countless months waiting for a decent project management tool to get implemented in your company? is a FREE website for keeping track of your improvement project(s). It is structured around the DMAICR model, but the system is not specific on what each phase entails. If you're looking for a system to walk you through the details of each phase of the DMAICR, then this won't provide it for you. However, if you want to keep a high-level overview of what projects you are managing along with email reminders for you and your team members, this is for you.

What's the key to getting a project completed on time? Getting timely updates from team members, since everyone gets pulled in numerous directions.

Some of the features of your project tracking include:

  • Track savings overall and by project by month
  • Upload documents by DMAICR phase
  • Track overdue action items and phase milestones

This program allows you to assign your action items to team members, and they will receive email notifications under the following circumstances:

  • On the due date
  • Every day after the due date, until they have responded to the action

Watch a demo below (set to HD video quality and full screen view for best results)

This is ideal for Black Belts and Master Black Belts who oversee and mentor multiple Lean Six Sigma DMAICR projects

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Class Management

Do you teach classes for your company or organization, but not full-time? Use our class task reminder system to keep track of tasks you need to complete before and after each class, so you don't forget important steps in your preparation and follow-up process. You will receive email reminders on the day the task is due, and each day it is overdue until you mark it complete.

Examples of tasks include:

  • Test out speakers, layout, projector, screen, space in training room (7 days before)
  • Check attendance to see if class should be canceled (14 days before)
  • Email class roster reminding about class date, time and location (3 days before)
  • Send survey to attendees (2 days after)
  • Submit attendance roster to Human Resources (1 day after)
  • Send long-term follow-up survey to attendees (90 days after)
  • Schedule room in calendar, and submit to Human Resources (90 days before)

All tasks and due dates are fully customized by you, for any number of classes. Once you create a task, you can reuse it for all classes, or create custom tasks for every class type.

Six Sigma Lean Training Class Task Reminder System

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